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TOLES around the world

TOLES has training and exam centres all around the world. This page features some of our busiest and most successful training centres. For details of all TOLES centres please see our ‘find a centre’ directory.

Introducing EMG Associates

United Arab Emirates


EMG Associates say: ‘EMG Associates launched TOLES in the UAE in October 2009. Our aim was and is to provide a practical and current legal English language skills training to legal professionals and law students in the UAE. We knew this would ensure a more effective and prominent role for local law practitioners in the international legal market. TOLES, with its modulated and progressive syllabus, focuses on how to apply theory to today’s practical matters in the legal world. We are very proud to say that UAE has embraced, and continues to embrace TOLES warmly, and today we are associated with some of the top law firms and universities in the UAE for the provision of the TOLES courses. Our delegates who attend TOLES courses have consistently commented that the course and its practical exercises are the best training for their development needs.’

Contact EMG Associates
EMG Associates (UK) Limited
4th Floor, 3 Shortlands
London W6 8DA
Tel: +44 (0)20 7198 8438
Fax: +44 (0)20 7198 8301
Email: info@emguk.net
Website: www.emguk.net

Introducing Legal Union



Legal Union say: ‘Legal Union is a leading organisation in providing professional legal English training and legal career consultancy. Our headquarters are located in Shanghai and we are nationally based. Legal Union is the only authorised TOLES examination centre in China. As an increasing number of students have come to realise how TOLES can help to improve their legal English as well as their legal career, TOLES has earned much more popularity and respect in China over recent years. Legal Union is determined to support you to achieve in your legal career.’

Contact Legal Union
Legal Union
Room 1201, Building 8, LiXing International Plaza
1329 West Yan’an Road,
Shanghai 200050, China
Telephone: +(8621) 5258 0630
Fax: +(8621) 5258 0632
Email: lucy.zhang@legalunion.org
Website: www.legalunion.com.cn

Introducing Ashton College



Ashton College say: ‘Located in beautiful downtown Vancouver, Canada, Ashton College is a post-secondary institution with a focus on career building and professional development. We recognise the value employers place on practical education, so our faculty members are also professionals in their field. Students also benefit from smaller class sizes, more personalised instruction, and flexible schedules with the option to study full-time, part-time or online. Ashton College offers many tests through the Test Centre, and is proud to be the first in Vancouver to have offered TOLES.’

Contact Ashton College
Ashton College
1190 Melville Street
Vancouver BC
V6E 3W1 Canada
Telephone: 1-604-899-0803/ ext 104
Fax no: 1-604-899-0830
Email address: nredfern@ashtoncollege.com
Website: www.ashtoncollege.com/test_centre.php

Introducing Cavendish University



Cavendish University say: ‘Cavendish Africa Universities Group first launched the TOLES series of courses and exams in Zambia in January 2012 and the response was overwhelming with coverage on national television, radio and in the national newspapers.  The widespread appeal of TOLES has been evidenced by the fact that we have lawyers, businessman and law students enrolling on the courses.
Because many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have English as an official language the region has been neglected somewhat by course providers but the need is just as great here as in other parts of the world.  As the region’s economies continue to grow at impressive rates, and so business becomes more and more globalised, so the need for first class legal English skills is even more crucial, whether for lawyers, business managers who deal with legal documentation on a day to day basis or students.
We chose to offer TOLES as our vehicle to drive the rise in standards in legal English across Sub-Saharan Africa because of its excellent practical approach and the fact that it has been designed in conjunction with leading law firms, meaning that it is also practical, current and relevant so that students learn authentic legal language and enhance their career prospects by holding a prestigious TOLES certificate.’

Contact Cavendish University
Cavendish University Zambia
Mezzanine Floor, Indeco House
Cairo Road, Box 34625, Lusaka
Telephone: +260978385836
Fax: +260211230992
Email: legalenglish.cuz@gmail.com
Website: www.cavendishza.org

Introducing Eureka Centar



Eureka Centar say: ‘By teaching legal skills and offering the internationally recognised exam we have significantly contributed to development of the professional career of many law practitioners in Croatia. Our trainers, exam takers and course participants note that TOLES exams are a relevant tool of measuring language and legal skills in English as they are closely related to the practice of law. Many law practitioners say that the language and legal skills they gained while preparing for TOLES exams helps them deal with daily work responsibilities, which mainly include communicating with foreign clients and translating legal documents from and into English.’

Contact Eureka Centar
Eureka Centar
Eureka komunikacije d.o.o. (Ltd)
Kačićeva 12, 10 000
Zagreb, Croatia
Telephone: 00385 (1) 4846191
Fax: 00385 (1) 4846165
Email: info@eureka-centar.hr
Website: www.eureka-centar.hr

Introducing SLIG Education Limited



SLIG Education say: ‘SLIG Education Limited provides exceptional quality courses and seminars for members of the legal profession and other professionals from abroad. SLIG Education Limited in conjunction with Neeta Halai is proud to be a TOLES exam centre in the UK and Italy.  We offer unrivalled expertise and experience, so you can trust that you will receive the best legal English skills training.’

“SLIG Education Limited helps you stay ahead of the fierce competition.”

Contact SLIG Education
SLIG Education
Viale Gioacchino Rossini, 26
00198 Rome
Telephone: +39 068419662
Email:  info@sligeducation.com
Website: www.sligeducation.it